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Re: [Shop-talk] auxillary power jack

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Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] auxillary power jack
From: "Eric J Russell" <>
Date: Fri, 7 May 2010 14:39:19 -0400
Do you mean a 12V outlet?

I put one in my MGA by mounting it up behind the dash (plenty of room in an 
MGA). Easy to reach up under the dash but otherwise hidden from view.

I put one in our MGB & Alfa Romeo (even though they already have cigarette 
lighter sockets) by using a length of wire to attach a 12V outlet to the 
battery (with an in-line fuse on 12V+). Easy to tuck the outlet out of sight 
if so desired.

This is sort of what I used - the ones I bought have a cover over the outlet 
& didn't have the alligator clips. Hooking it direct to battery makes it 
easy to check battery voltage, connect a trickle charger, etc.

Eric Russell
Mebane, NC
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From: "Tim"

> Has anyone added an auxilary power jack to a classic car? Or any other car 
> for that matter? Please contact me off list.
> thanks
> Tim
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