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Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] car a/c work
From: "Randall" <>
Date: Thu, 6 May 2010 11:26:10 -0700
> Randall wrote:
> >
> > And just BTW, it's a violation of federal law to service A/C
> > without a license.

Tim Mullen replied:
> Sorry not correct...

Well, I'm just quoting what the EPA says.  I'm not a lawyer nor do I play
one on television.  (But I was an A/C service technician in a previous


"Technicians who repair or service HFC-134a MVACs must be trained and
certified by an EPA-approved organization.

I suppose you could argue that "trained and certified" is different than a
license, but if it quacks like a duck...

> However, anyone can buy R134a and although it is strongly recommended that
it be recycled when you empty a system
> it is not absolutely required and there is no penalty for not recycling

>From the same page:

"Section 608 of the Clean Air Act prohibits releasing HFC-134a into the
atmosphere. The prohibition on venting HFC-134a has been in effect since
November 1995."


"Under the Act, EPA is authorized to assess fines of up to $37,500 per day
for any violation of these regulations."

So technically, it's true, there is no penalty for not recycling 134a.  But
you do have to dispose of it properly, it can't just be vented.

-- Randall
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