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Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] Heating a shop & AC for garage
From: "Eric J Russell" <>
Date: Wed, 2 Dec 2009 22:22:41 -0500
I installed a pair of 'ductless mini split' heat & A/C heat pumps in our 
remodeled garage with 'bonus room' above (one unit for garage/shop the other 
for the bonus room above. Both the garage & bonus room are insulated. I 
bought two 18,000 BTU units from Ramsond.

Fairly simple to install. 3" dia hole through the wall with two copper pipes 
(insulated) & a drain line (for the A/C dehumidifier) and some 14 ga wires 
between the indoor unit and the heat pump outside. The units come 
pre-charged with refrigerant. I paid an A/C tech to evacuate the lines 
before opening the valves to start up the units but did all the installation 
myself. I ran the exterior lines through some PVC drain pipe to protect them 
and make it look 'finished'. I am pleased with the operation. They are quiet 
and heat & cool fairly quickly.

Outside units:
Inside unit:
Garage remodel album:

The heat pump loses efficiency when outside temps get to less than 20F. The 
units I bought have built in electric heaters. Since this is not the main 
living area and such temps are infrequent here in North Carolina I don't see 
that as a major drawback.

Eric Russell
Mebane, NC
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From: "Steve Hammatt

> I'm planning to install some infrared heaters in my shop,

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From: "John T. Blair"

> I've always wanted to put an AC unit in my garage but so far haven't done 
> it.
> The garage is finished inside with brick on the outside and a room over 
> it. 
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