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[Shop-talk] AC for garage

Subject: [Shop-talk] AC for garage
From: "John T. Blair" <>
Date: Wed, 02 Dec 2009 15:43:40 -0500
I've always wanted to put an AC unit in my garage but so far haven't done it.
The garage is finished inside with brick on the outside and a room over it.

I now have to replace the side door, so I've been considering my options:

1. Put an AC unit in the wall.  Which I think might be the best 
solution, but I'd
     have to figure out a way to get the bricks out, put in the 
reinforcement plate,
     then cut the drywall.  Hopefully I can to this without having to 
cut any of the

2. My current door is a wooden door that swings in.  I'm thinking 
about replacing
     it with a steel door that swings out.  The reason, is that I am 
thinking about
     cutting a hole in the door, and mounting  a window unit in the 
door.  With the
     door swinging out, I would'nt have to worry about the unit 
blocking the door
     way when I'm trying to get in or out of the garage.  I could 
make some iron
     straps to help hold it to/in the door.

3.  The other option is to try and get a portable AC unit.  Then I 
could cut a hole
      in the door for the exhaust vent.  I could make up some 
channels to allow me
      to put a cover over the hole when I'm not using the portable AC unit.

I'm wondering if anyone has used any of these methods and how it worked?

Also any pros or cons?


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