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Re: Questions re: landscape curbing

To: Shop Talk <>
Subject: Re: Questions re: landscape curbing
From: Rush <>
Date: Fri, 13 May 2005 01:39:45 -0400
Granite cobblestone pavers.
We are going to edge our gardens with these and fill them in with river 
rock. Did I tell you I hate mulch?


Steve Hammatt wrote:
> I'm again turning to the best experts around, 
> the ShopTalk group!  Just to keep on topic, we're 
> looking at asphalt paving our driveway, parking and 
> trailer turn-around area (it's currently gravel).  The 
> adjoining flower beds, currently restrained by old 
> 4x4 timbers will be redesigned into a more 
> "curving style" edges rather than the strict straight 
> edges as required by the 4x4 timbers. 
> I'm looking for a durable but not too costly material. 
> Labor cost is an issue, as I will not be doing this 
> myself.  I've been through the multiple lathe bender boards 
> and would like something better.  Also, not a fan of 
> the plastic edging board that seems to last about 
> 1 year.  There must be better options.  
> Anyone familiar with the rammed continuous concrete 
> edging>  Cost?  How about long lengths of steel, about 
> 3-4" wide and retained by large spikes?  
> Any other suggestions?

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