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Re: Lug nuts

To: "Chadwick E. Labno" <>,
Subject: Re: Lug nuts
Date: Sun, 01 May 2005 14:19:07 +0000
don't know how they got them off.  I seem to remember that the problem with the 
removal tool was that it was too small - it didn't fit over the locking nut 
enough.  also, the nut was the wrong style - there are different kinds, 
apparently - for the tool.  the ones with the straight splines you hammer on 
would have worked better but no truck had them in stock and as it turns out 
there wasn't room between the nut and the wheel for the tool to fit.

what amazed me was how the removal tool chewed up so easily while the locking 
nut didn't get chewed up (as much).  but they couldn't have been that 
well-plated - they were rusting pretty good by that time.

> How did the shop remove the lugs?

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