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Re: Concrete driveway expansion joint repair/replacement

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Subject: Re: Concrete driveway expansion joint repair/replacement
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Date: Mon, 19 Jul 2004 00:08:09 -0500
Here's what we're doing to all of these in Texas:

1. pry, dig, gouge, curse out the old boards.  Use a narrow pry bar in the
joint and another rod/stick/board on the ground perpendicular to the joint
to push against.

2. If the joint if over 1" deep, I used sand to fill it in to about 1" from
the top.

3. Use "backer rod" - foam rods that I got at Home Depot.  I got 1" diameter
rods (they come in other diameters) to push down into the joint.  It should
compress nicely into the joint and leave about 1/4" to the top.

4. Use the quart size urethane polymer fill (I used Sikaflex brand) in a
caulk gun to fill.  This is the self-leveling stuff, makes a very nice joint
and dries very smooth.  Available in colors, I used gray.  I think $10 per
tube, took me 10 or 12 tubes to do the huge expanse of driveway and patio
that I have.

Here's a pretty good description:

 - Lee

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Subject: Concrete driveway expansion joint repair/replacement
> The expansion joints in my concrete driveway (about 15 years old) are
> rotting away (they are cedar boards, and I'm in the Pacific NW).  Any
> ideas on how to repair/replace these?  I could get the rotten wood and
> accumulated dirt out, but I'm not sure if I could drive another board
> in place.

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