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using a tow dolly

Subject: using a tow dolly
From: John Niolon <>
Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2004 12:54:01 -0500
I've got to take a car down state and leave it  for my daughter .  An S-10
blazer to be towed by a Tahoe.  I plan on borrowing a tow dolly... backing
the blazer up on the rig and towing with the rear wheels off the ground...
Of course the brakes will be off and I plan on strapping the steering wheel
in the straight position...  any other tips/hints/warnings that I might
need to know...  Ive only done this once before and it was years ago on a
front wheel drive vehicle...  I can't imagine that towing  a rear wheel
drive car would be different as long as the steering wheel is cinched down
tight inside....

I guess most states require towed vehicle lights hooked up like trailer
lights right ???



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