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Re: Green silicon carbide wheels

To: Roger Gibbs <>
Subject: Re: Green silicon carbide wheels
From: "David C." <>
Date: Sat, 10 Jul 2004 10:57:35 -0700
At 08:24 AM 7/10/2004 -0700, Roger Gibbs wrote:
>For HSS I noticed a big difference between generic wheels (old American or 
>new import) and Norton wheels designed for tools steel.  A really big 
>difference in price too (maybe $25 for a wheel ?).  Years ago I bought a 
>pink color Norton wheel (from MSC as I recall).  It is supposedly more 
>friable and will wear faster, but at the rate that I am sharpening things 
>it will last a lifetime in my home shop.
>That looks like a nice grinder, I was considering making an adjustable 
>tool stand but maybe this is a better approach.

Thanks all for the input.  I have already checked the WT Tools, Enco and 
Swift Tool catalogs; about the only selections available in a steel plate 
backed wheel are diamond, green silicon carbide  (both for carbide) and 
gray aluminum oxide (for steel).  The green wheels run about $26 each, the 
gray is about $75, and the diamond wheels START at around a hundred bucks.

I saw the Norton (and other) white, pink and blue wheels for HSS, too.  I 
have been using white wheels for some time for rough sharpening of plane 
irons and chisels, and they work very well and are very slow to heat up.  I 
have always gotten my white wheels free from my local saw sharpener; they 
are 5 1/2" cup wheels, and when the cup is worn off the side he discards 
them.  I stack two of them together and put them on the grinder arbor with 
an adapter and they work very well.  I might try one of the blue wheels; 
they are very reasonably priced.

As for the HF tool grinder, I still don't know what I will eventually do; 
maybe just set it up with a fine and coarse green wheel and use it for 
carbide only, and grind the HSS stuff on the bench grinder.  

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