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Re: 5th wheel vrs goose neck.

To: shop-talk <>
Subject: Re: 5th wheel vrs goose neck.
From: Derek <>
Date: Mon, 5 Jul 2004 19:35:38 -0700 (PDT)

Been wondering that myself. Bought a new race car trailer with gooseneck this
year - works fine etc etc BUT every so often I have a hell of a time lining up
the gooseneck with the ball - mainly because you have to be very precise
(within 1/2" both directions), you can't see it when seated in the truck and
the ball is almost right over the axle so getting left to right accuracy means
pulling forward about 10 ft and starting again. Took me about 6 tries the other
week - then next twice it went right "on" first time.

Been thinking of changing over to a fifth wheel. Any reason I shouldn't?


--- john niolon wrote:
> this isn't really shop related other than we were wondering this while
> standing in my shop......
> why are all travel trailers 5th wheel mount... and all "utility, farm, car
> haulers" goose neck ???   I'm sure it's connection ease or something ???
> anyone can clue me in ??

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