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Re: two birds follow up.

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Subject: Re: two birds follow up.
From: Rush <>
Date: Mon, 09 Apr 2001 17:33:07 -0400
Get another oil tank. :>) Put it in or near your house and wrap it
heavily with insulation. Get the steam guy to design a piping system that
would circulate water through coils around the wood burner tank. Have a
second set of pipes that circulate through the hot water tank and to a
heat exchanger if you have hot air or tapped into the circulator if you
have hot water. Or form a hotbox around the water tank. You can pipe hot
air just about anywhere.

The insulated water tank will act as a buffer to smooth the delivery of
heat to the house. Be sure you protect yourself from the steam with good
design. Bad things happen when steam leaves pipes. Also protect
everything from corrosion or you will have clogs and leaks.

Jon wrote:
> It's funny you mention that.  My neighbor (a die hard steam guy that gave
> me some pointers on the construction) we over when I was test burning some
> items.
> we got to talking and we can't figure out the best way to use/save/recycle
> this energy.  Damn, I wish I could bottle it up at store it!
> Inch

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