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Re: Long life orange coolant

To: Stuart MacMillan <>
Subject: Re: Long life orange coolant
From: Jon & Deb Rush <>
Date: Fri, 27 Oct 2000 22:40:03 -0400
It being 2000 and all of us getting environmentally enlightened, what is
the proper disposal method for the flush water you use to "rinse" out an
engine? Is it dilute enough to just go down the municipal drain? What if
you have a septic system? Will the flush water harm grass? I've never
flushed an engine at home, but back in the bad old days working at the
garage, we would just let the flush water run out on the parking lot and

Jon Rush

Stuart MacMillan wrote:
> 3.  They will mix with conventional stuff, but if there is more than
> 10%  of the old stuff left in the system the benefit of the new
> chemistry is neutralized.  So, flush out the old completely, or you are
> wasting your money.

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