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Re: Long life orange coolant

To: Stuart MacMillan <>
Subject: Re: Long life orange coolant
From: "William C.W. Lamb" <>
Date: Wed, 25 Oct 2000 15:59:29 -0400
Mercedes-Benz coolant is specially designed to counteract problems such as
you have on your Vanagon. I use it in SAABs which suffer from similar

Weren't you the police commissioner in San Francisco at one time? <g>

At 12:16 25.10.00 -0700, you wrote:
>My $.02 on this thread:
>1. The long life coolants from Prestone and Havoline are identical and
>made under license from GM, who developed the new anti corrosion
>chemistry.  It is ethylene glycol based, the same as the "old stuff." 
>EG has better heat transfer capabilities than propylene glycol, the base
>used in "less toxic" coolants.
>2. The carboxylate anti corrosion chemistry used does not break down
>into weak acids that cause corrosion like the old additives, hence will
>last much longer--at least five years/50,000 miles.  They are also
>phosphate and silicate free, which makes them compatible with most, if
>not all, engines since they are EG based.
>3.  They will mix with conventional stuff, but if there is more than
>10%  of the old stuff left in the system the benefit of the new
>chemistry is neutralized.  So, flush out the old completely, or you are
>wasting your money.
>4.  Changing the coolant less frequently is probably better for the
>environment than using the slightly less toxic PG based coolants which
>have to be changed every two years.  All should be collected and taken
>to a recycling center anyway.
>5. I now use the long life in all my cars, including the '65 MGB and my
>Vanagon, which has had a terrible history of head corrosion that is
>usually caused by additive breakdown due to not changing the coolant
>often enough.  This is understandable given the pain this system is to
>Stuart MacMillan

William "Chip" Lamb
West of Sweden SAAB
Charles City, VA.

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