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Re: Circuit Load Question

To: "''" <>
Subject: Re: Circuit Load Question
From: Jim Juhas <>
Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2000 15:15:38 -0400
While upgrading the supply to provide more current addresses
the problem, it seems to me that something else must be
wrong if a dryer, rated to run on a 30a line (which is
pretty standard?) can so easily draw >30a.  Is it supposed
to run on a 30A line?

I once inherited a dryer, when we bought our house, that had
a high capacity wiring option that would require a heavier
power supply.  Is it possible you have some variant of that
feature, and the element is not designed for a dryer on a
30A branch circuit?

"Lyn Fatt, Brian A" wrote:

> I've been off and on pursuing the problem of my
> dryer blowing fuses. Some of you may remember my
> questions on this list from a few years ago.
> It's been almost a year before this thing started
> blowing fuses again. I borrowed an amp-meter from a
> friend.
> With the old heating element and a full load, the
> reading is 28.5 amps.
> With the new heating element and a full load, the
> reading is 29.0 amps.
> On startup, it peaks at 36amps.
> With just the motor running, the reading is 6.0 amps
> which is what the little plate on the motor shows.
> I think the 30a circuit is a little overloaded and
> propose to change out the wires to a lower guage
> and the secondary  fusebox to a 40 amp. Am I right,
> or do you have any other suggestions?
> BTW, I've already taken this thing completely apart
> and cleaned the lint from everywhere that I can
> find. I am using time-delay fuses and I've checked
> the wire screw connections to make sure everything is
> tight on both ends of the circuit.
> Brian

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