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Circuit Load Question

To: "''" <>
Subject: Circuit Load Question
From: "Lyn Fatt, Brian A" <>
Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2000 14:23:39 -0400
I've been off and on pursuing the problem of my
dryer blowing fuses. Some of you may remember my
questions on this list from a few years ago.
It's been almost a year before this thing started
blowing fuses again. I borrowed an amp-meter from a

With the old heating element and a full load, the
reading is 28.5 amps.
With the new heating element and a full load, the
reading is 29.0 amps.
On startup, it peaks at 36amps.
With just the motor running, the reading is 6.0 amps
which is what the little plate on the motor shows.

I think the 30a circuit is a little overloaded and 
propose to change out the wires to a lower guage
and the secondary  fusebox to a 40 amp. Am I right, 
or do you have any other suggestions?

BTW, I've already taken this thing completely apart
and cleaned the lint from everywhere that I can 
find. I am using time-delay fuses and I've checked
the wire screw connections to make sure everything is
tight on both ends of the circuit.


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