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Mult-table (the follow-up)

Subject: Mult-table (the follow-up)
Date: Tue, 3 Oct 2000 16:00:12 -0400
First off, I want to thank everyone here who replied to my question.

Looks like the table I'm looking for is more of a "slot mortiser" than
router table.  A search on this piece of equipment generates some of the
WORST links to get to.  Bad address, half baked web sites.  No place to get
a true picture of one of these babies.  (the exception being the $20,000+
units for commercial purposes)

Then, Stephen, tells me about "The Matchmaker."  Sounds like what I'm
looking for, but guess what, no web page!  Then, I email the company and
get a few 'sneak peaks' at their website with a picture of "The
Matchmaker."  From what I can tell, it is what I'm looking for.  However,
due to the site being under construction, I can't see a better picture.
Stephen offered to scan and email the page from the catalog (thanks, please
do) looks like I'm on the right path!

Thanks for all the help here.  The SO is bugging me about what I want for
my upcoming b'day.  The "Matchmaker" should do quite nicely! 8>)  (maybe
I'll tell her it's a "relationship building device!" 8>)


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