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Re: X10

To: tllaz <>
Subject: Re: X10
From: "Charles R. Schultz" <>
Date: Sun, 01 Oct 2000 05:01:17 -0500
Some (all?) of the handheld remote controls use radio signals, so they
should work for your distant shop.  The remote receiver can plug into an
outlet in the shop and control things there.

This wouldn't work with the computer control system, but carrying a
remote shouldn't be a problem when walking out to the shop.


tllaz wrote:
> Hi ,
> I have been reading about the way you use X10.  I have ordered a few Items
> and have a couple of qestions for anyone who can help.
> Is there any way to increase the range of the transmitters. i.e. a outsie
> antenna ?
> My shop is not on the same service as the house and I would like to be able
> to tun on lites in the shop when I go there at night .  The shop is about
> 150ft from the house.

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