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Re: Pressure Washer Attachment

Subject: Re: Pressure Washer Attachment
From: "Steve Sutton" <>
Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2000 22:00:49 -0800

    I used this exact setup several years ago to completely strip a 
Triumph TR-6 frame.  It was great, no dust, no resperator, I just 
wore goggles.  I ended up with a big area covered in damp sand, 
but it was easy to cleanup after it dried.  Depending on weather 
conditions you *may* end up with 'flash rust' on the surface of the 
metal, but a quick conversion coating (zinc phosphate) will take 
care of that. 
   The unit I used was 3000psi and was probably a bit overkill, but 
that's what the rental yard had.  This type of setup is getting a bit 
more popular as the EPA cracks down on PM-10 pollution (10 
micron and finer).  In fact in my area (Ridgecrest, CA - in the 
middle of the Mojave desert) you cannot rent a regular sand blaster 
- it creates to much dust!?! - so you have to use the pressure 
washer way if the item is to big to fit in a blasting cabinet.

Hope this helps.

Steve Sutton
On 27 Mar 00, at 8:31, doug armstrong wrote:

> There was a discussion about a year ago about a wand attachment for a high
> pressure washer, that would siphon abrasive media and work like a blaster.
> Do they work?
> Would it be OK for a Formula Ford chassis, rims, etc.?
> Obviously, there is little dust and should be fairly clean.
> I have a cheap Craftsman sand blaster.  It's really messy and my small
> compressor just won't keep up.
> Any advice?  Thanks in advance.
> Doug Armstrong

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