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Re: Pressure Washer Attachment

Subject: Re: Pressure Washer Attachment
From: (Martin Evans)
Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2000 17:51:18 GMT
Doug Armstrong wrote:

>There was a discussion about a year ago about a wand attachment for a high
>pressure washer, that would siphon abrasive media and work like a blaster.
>Do they work?
>Would it be OK for a Formula Ford chassis, rims, etc.?
>Obviously, there is little dust and should be fairly clean.
>I have a cheap Craftsman sand blaster.  It's really messy and my small
>compressor just won't keep up.
>Any advice?  Thanks in advance.

I've done a  few wheels before and a one or two brackets and the like,
but the sand needs to be perfectly dry otherwise the syphon bit that
is dumped in the bag / bucket of sand clogs very easily. The wet sand
gets absolutely everywhere too and is a sod to sweep up.

The cost of dried blasting sand, especially if it is used just once,
rather than recycled in a blast chamber, probably makes it more
economical to get the chassis professionally done.  Powder coating or
stove enamelling would make a better job of protecting the chassis
than painting at home would anyway.

Hope this helps

Martin Evans

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