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Lincoln/taurus rear whell bearing?

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Subject: Lincoln/taurus rear whell bearing?
From: "Rex Burkheimer" <>
Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2000 16:00:41 -0600
My Mom's FWD Continental has a rumbling RR wheel bearing, so I'll be
changing it this week. I notice it uses a hub assembly common to the Taurus.
Anybody done one of these that can warn me of anything unconventional? Is
this a simple bolt-on, bolt-off affair? Any presswork involved? Special

Thanks in advance

Rex Burkheimer
 J-CON Coordinator, WM Automotive Whse      Fort Worth TX
Texas Region SCCA     FC #19    SRX7 #39

"There is pleasure sure in being mad which none but madmen know."  John

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