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Re: 4posts and garage doors

To: Mike Rambour <>,
Subject: Re: 4posts and garage doors
From: Trevor Boicey <>
Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2000 15:26:24 -0500
>    Actually they do help, I have 21" from the top of the header to the
> ceiling and I had not thought of doing something like that with the door so
> it would have been at the normal height.

  Yep, I needed that. Otherwise I couldn't open the door if
the car was on top, the door would crash into the rear
window of the top car.

  Since I am also using the hoist as a double park like you,
that was essential.

  It took me an hour or two to move the tracks up so that
the door was higher, and then maybe a day to decide that
it was ok, tighten the garage springs (careful!) and reposition
the garage door opener to work with the high garage door, and
make the final settings.

  I also set it up so the garage door only opens as
far as required. No sense having the bottom of the door
go higher than the door opening, at the expense of having
it intrude farther into the "top" parking space.

> I have an appt. with the tax man tomorrow, so by mid-next
> week I should know what my taxes are and hopefully I saved enough for the
> lift.

  Hahahah funny you should mention, I just finalized my
taxes yesterday. I had to rough them out before I too
made the hoist committment just a few weeks ago!

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