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Re: 4posts and garage doors

To: Mike Rambour <>,
Subject: Re: 4posts and garage doors
From: Eric J Petrevich/LRM<>
Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2000 20:06:35 -0500
Mike, the reason you don't see the doors more often is cost.  They are WAY 
more expensive than standard doors.

As for side mounting the opener.  Go to a professional garage door 
installer and buy your doors from him.  Tell him what you want to do.  Buy 
a GOOD quality door.  Let HIM install them.  All these things will be 
important for a door that is not pulled from the center.
I had new doors installed in my garage a while back.  I was in Germany at 
the time, so I had them professional installed.  (It was not that much 
more)  The doors can easily be lifted from ONE side only.  These are 8' 
wide X 9' high doors that slide easy with no effort.  I don't think I could 
have done a better installation myself.


Mike Rambour <> on 03/15/2000 06:45:10 PM
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4posts and garage doors

   Ok, I am waiting for my refund check to buy the 4post lift, I have 
decided on which one and did all the measuring, testing, what ifs, etc.

   Then last night I went and pondered, "what if I move it here instead of 
there, I think that would be better", I got out my bicycle boxes taped them 

back up the engine hoist and did some test lifting and smacked right into 
my garage door opener.  I like this new location for the 4post lift, i can 
see major advantages to where I had planned on installing it before.  But 
that darned garage door opener gets in the way.  Currently I have a simple 
plywood slab door that just hinges up and I am wondering if I can move the 
door opener away from the center of the door ? I just need to move it 2 
feet to one side and since it is a single (16ftoot) door it should work 
right ???

   Of course later this summer I was going to get a new door and on those 
sectional doors I can see a problem with the opener not in the center, I 
think it would cause the thing to mis-behave in the tracks, so that will be 

a problem but the door will be higher.  Which got me thinking again about 
the roll-up doors that roll up into a big roll.  I assume the door opener 
is on the side of those, just door clearance problems to the 
4post, no opener...hmmm sounds perfect.  Yet, I don't see them anywhere 
except on commercial buildings, why not ?


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