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RE: Finding TDC

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Subject: RE: Finding TDC
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Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2000 16:43:09 -0800
Crane cams has some pretty good instructions starting at .  No need to
remove the rockers (or get a dial indicator) if you are just looking for

The degree wheel should be around $20 at most speed shops (I paid $12 maybe
10 years ago).  You can make a pointer from a coat hangar.  You can also
make a piston stop by breaking the ceramic out of an old spark plug, and
then either threading the shell for a bolt, or welding a bolt to it.

If the engine's in the car with a manual trans, the easiest way to rotate it
is to put the trans in 4th and roll the car slightly.  But don't forget to
either take it out of gear, or lock the brakes TIGHT before doing the
leakdown test, as the air pressure may move the car.  Be gentle when looking
for TDC, don't want to damage a piston.


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> Subject: Finding TDC
> I need to perform a cylinder leak down test on my 1980 BMW
> 735i. The test
> must be performed a top dead center of each cylinder.
> What is the easiest and best way to find TDC?
> Thanks
> Jay Siegfried

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