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Re: Pink Gel Hand Cleaner?

Subject: Re: Pink Gel Hand Cleaner?
From: "Brad Kahler" <>
Date: Fri, 23 Apr 1999 17:34:56 -0500
Lee, I've been using a product called "Fast Orange" by Permatex.  This stuff 
is great.  Cleans the toughest grease and when done you smell like oranges!

> Years ago, I worked on a oil drilling rig, and got plenty dirty.  At the 
> end of the shift, we cleaned up with a commercial hand cleaner.  I wish I 
> knew what it was.
> This hand cleaner was a transparent pink gel (looked a little like red 
> Jello), cleaned very well, had a nice smell, and left my hands soft, not 
> dry!
> Anybody seen this stuff?  I get Goop and Go-Jo locally, and have seen the 
> orange stuff, too.  But haven't seen this pink gel in 20 years...
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