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Re: parts washer, inspection pit etc.

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Subject: Re: parts washer, inspection pit etc.
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Date: Thu, 22 Apr 1999 11:15:51 -0500

Make sure you ck your local building codes about an inspection pit, In most
locals unless you are operating a repair shop and have all the safety
equipment in place it is illegal to build one.  Since you are building a
garage you might consider a four column lift instead, or better yet a 2
column frame contact lift.

Larry Zink
Z Group Racing and Performance
Houston, Texas
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Subject: parts washer, inspection pit etc.

> Hi to all,
> this summer I plan to build a double garage. I would like to have an
> inspection pit in it to make working under the car easier. Any suggestions
> regarding size, stairs, lights etc. would be appreciated.
> As well I am thinking about building a parts washer and probably a sand
> blasting cabinet. Does anybody have experience in building such things?
> Probably drawings?
> Thanks, Joerg

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