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Re: working with fiberglass

Subject: Re: working with fiberglass
From: Mike Rambour <>
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 1999 11:21:13 -0700
>I'm told there is a project called "micro ballons" or "micro blooms" that
>is a fiberglass product that can be mixed with an

  I have used the West Epoxy system with Micro Balloons as filler quite a
bit on my boat, basically its just a fine powder that you mix in with epoxy
resin to the desired consistency and apply.  Its pretty easy to work with
and you can make it very thin and runny or as thick as Bondo, that is what
makes it so nice.   On a vertical panel you make it thick and on a
horizontal panel you make it so you can pour it on.  On a car body, I don't
how it would work, I was using it to fill stuff in a Fibreglass hull and
deck but it should be fine.

  You can get it from your local boat yard and if you don't have one around
there are quite a few boating catalogs and web sites where you can buy it.
West Marine (no relation to West Epoxy) has the best price on it.  You can
read about it at  and
also these 2 sites seemed pretty good.  <<< this site list
other epoxy brands also, including some that might be better for a car.


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