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Carbon buildup and NOX

Subject: Carbon buildup and NOX
From: Peter Schauss <>
Date: Sun, 11 Apr 1999 01:27:33 +0000
When I took one of my "normal" cars in for the annual NY State 
emissions inspection, my mechanic told me that sometime next year
they will start enforcing a limit on NOX emissions.  He said that
older, high mileage cars generally have significant carbon buildup
and will, as a result, fail this test.  The cure, he said, would
be an engine rebuild.  

Since he mentioned a figure of about $2k, I suspect that he was 
only talking about pulling the cylinder head and decarbonizing,
possibly with a valve job thrown in.

Does anyone have more specific facts on this?

Any suggestions for preventative maintenance?


Peter Schauss, Long Island, NY
1963 BJ7
1980 MGB

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