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Re: Windshield Repair tools

To: Nick Jacobs <>
Subject: Re: Windshield Repair tools
From: Mike Lee - Team Banana Racing <>
Date: Wed, 07 Apr 1999 17:19:44 -0700
>Well, I just spent $40 on another car windshield chip repair.  I seem to get 
>one or two a year...especially on my wife's jeep that has an almost vertical 
>Does anyone have their own tools and repair materials?  I can see several 
>brands advertised on the net.  All seem to start around $200 for a basic 
>kit...up to $900 for some "special" ones.  Any recommendations on a 
>inexpensive kit that works? 

Do you have full coverage insurance?  My ins. co (State Farm) will replace a 
w/s for the
cost of a deductible, but that will eventually raise my rates.  However, they 
will have as
many rock chips repaired as necessary, free of charge and with no effect on my 
Personally, I find this stupid, as my deductible is $100, a new w/s is $135, 
and the rock
chips generally cost from $40-$90 to get fixed.  However, since they are 
paying....  BTW,
I've had at least 3 chips repaired (they use gravel out here instead of salt 
and plows...),
and my insurance has never gone up.....

Something to check into...

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