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Subject: penetrant
From: Martin Libhart <>
Date: Mon, 19 Jan 1998 16:38:28 -0600
For what it's worth...

After trying several different products (Liquid Wrench, etc.etc.) over
the last 2 weeks to free up some badly frozen brake bleeder fittings, as
well as 2 clamp bolts on an exhaust pipe, I finally gave in and spent
twice the $ for a spray can of "Blaster". Available at PepBoys and other
parts outlets.

I'm the first to be skeptical about any of these products that make
their fantastic claims, but this product works!  It is totally different
than most of the 'solvent-type' products - it actually looks like orange
colored milk out of the nozzle, and foams upon contact with the bolt or
part.  I soaked each fitting and bolt 4 times over the last 24 hours,
went out today to check them with a wrench, and "bingo"!

All standard disclaimers apply - just a product that I found to work and
would recommend highly.

Martin Libhart
1972 TR6
1970 Spitfire

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