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Re: Sand Blasters

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Subject: Re: Sand Blasters
From: "John T. Blair" <>
Date: Wed, 07 Jan 1998 18:01:25 -0500
At 08:01 AM 1/7/98 -0500, Douglas Shook wrote:
>You are right on target. The "open bucket" is a simple siphon feed just
>like your cabinet's gun.  The other type pressurizes the tank and then
>forces the sand and air out together.  The pressure blasters are faster,
>use less material (a big plus when blasting out in the open where you
>cannot recycle the material), and use less air.  I think you'll find
>there really is no comparison between the two types.

I usually blast in my driveway and I DO recycle my sand.  After the tank
is empty, I sweep the sand into piles, then pick them up and put the sand
into a bucket.  When I reload the pressure blaster, I put a funnel in the
top of the canister, and hold a piece of screen over the funnel.  I scoop
the sand out of the bucket with a small pot I stole from the the kitchen.

I've also blasted in my side yard.  I'd tie a rope across the corner of
my privacy fence (installed a hook eye in 2 of the vertical posts).  Then
I'd lay a plastic tarp over the rope and attach it with close pins and
then lay the remainder of the tarp out as a floor.  I'd try to blast so
that the sand would hit the object to be blasted then richote (sp) off
to hit the vertical part of the tarp.  When my tank (either syphon or
pressure blaster) was empty, I'd scoop up the sand with a small pot,
coffee can, etc and refill the blaster.
>I find that by the time I need to refill the tank, I am ready to take
>off the hood and respirator anyway (gets pretty warm in there).

That's a fact!!  You really need a hood.  I've used a face shield and
trashed in it a few hours.  I also had sand all over me.  You also need
the respirator!!!  I got a nice hood with replaceable lenses from 
Northern Hydrolics for about $25.  This goes for either type of open
air blaster!

The pressure blaster does a much better, faster job than the syphone


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