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Re: Sand Blasters

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Subject: Re: Sand Blasters
From: "Hal Cummings"<>
Date: Wed, 07 Jan 98 11:31:16 -0500
     Galen, my experience has been that the pressurized feeders tend to 
     have better delivery of media than the siphon type.  My experience is 
     somewhat limited though having used only one vendor's model of each 
     type.  The Sears siphon type has worked OK for me on small jobs.
     Be prepared to make a big mess!  I would advise you to spring for a 
     hood to wear while doing this.  Helps to keep debris out of ears, 
     hair, shirt collar, etc.  Be sure to wear a respirator as well.

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Subject: Sand Blasters 
Author:  "Galen I. Lutz" <>  at ccout
Date:    1/8/98 8:53 AM

I recently purchased an inexpensive bead blast cabinet to aid in the 
body-off restoration of a Model A Ford.  I had planned to wire brush the 
chassis components that are too big to get in the cabinet, but I am so 
pleased with the bead blasting that I am considering purchasing a sand 
blaster to do the frames, axles etal.  I notice there are at least two types 
of "buckets":  one is open and the media is propelled by a siphon action at 
the gun (like the blast cabinet).  The other seems to be a pressurized 
bucket that I assume propells the media by pressure from the bucket.
What are the pro's and con's of these two systems?  Is my assessment of the 
pressurized system correct?
'28 Model A, '66 Mustang

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