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Re: welding gas tank

To: "Keith Kaplan" <>,
Subject: Re: welding gas tank
From: "Sueli Ruof" <>
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 1996 20:33:42 -0500
Photo-gray lens react to ultraviolet rays, which are found in abundance in
sunlight and welding arcs.

> Stupid question -- are your glasses and welding mask polarized?  Is one
> polarized vertically, and the other horizontally?  While wearing your
> glasses, look through your mask while holding it upright, then turn it
> sideways and see if you can see better through it.  If so, get either a
> shield or glasses that are polarized the other way.

Umm.  Not that I have any PERSONAL experience with age related failings,
such as reduced visual acuity, but having spent a lot of time with aging
craftspeople I can provide a few suggestions:

1)  "Cheater Lens" (magnifiers) for most welding hoods are available in
several strengths from your local welding supply.  

2)  Many welders prefer dual bifocals (bifocal ground in the top and the
bottom of the lens) because they can still see (down and up) when they lift
their hood.

3)  A "reading glass" prescription works quite well and lets you see
everything you are working on (but does sort of limit object recognition
outside arms reach).


Bill (who has only heard about these things) Ruof

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