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Re: Shop Presses

To: battmain@JUNO.COM,
Subject: Re: Shop Presses
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 1996 09:40:51 -0500
<< Do I need a 45 ton unit?  Or can I get by with a 20 ton unit?
  What about the working range? Anyone have any problems with the lower
 of the working range? (like the ones rated 8.5" Minimum.) I would think
 range needs a minimum of 0" (Lower end) to be more useful.
 What about the 'A' frame units compared to the regular square units?
 I'll be using the press mostly to remove bearings from axles or pressing
 broken lug nuts from the hubs.  (I don't like the hammer method. <g>)


I have the 20 ton square frame press from Harbor. It works very well, the
only drawback is the width of the base I-beam, it could be wider for pressing
front wheel drive spindles etc.
On the other hand it is compact (doesn't take up much room), and has plenty
of press pressure for auto use.


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