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Pressure washers

Subject: Pressure washers
From: "James R. Ferguson" <>
Date: Fri, 19 Apr 1996 00:24:31 -0400
I am in the "market" for a pressure washer.   I would be interested in any
experience or advice that any of you may have.  I realise that the first
question is "what are you going to use it for?".

I want a pressure washer for a number of reasons and expected uses.

   1.  To wash my car, truck, tractor, impliments, etc. etc. etc.

   2.  To clean the bottom of my boat after a summer in the water.

   3.  To "blast" old pealing paint off a flock of rental houses I have.
Being        a "slumlord", I'm not looking for a perfect job but only a way
to get a         base for a spray paint job that I will do myself.  I'll
have to re-paint        in a couple years anyway. (Either tennant damage or
Housing Authority        requirements.)

   4.  I just want one, to do a lott of stuff.  (Don't you?)

Reason "3" provides me with the justification (and tax deduction) for the
washer.  Otherwise I will have to pay some Turkey about $400.00 to strip the
houses I've got to do next month.

I have decided that I can't afford the 3000psi washers and have come down to
the 2000 psi types. I think they will do it.   I'm looking at the following:

    1.   Northern Hydraulics: 
                  5.5 hp Honda 2000psi, 30'hose, 4 nozzels        $ 679.00

    2.   Northern Hydraulics:
                  5.5 Tecumseh 2000psi 30'hose, 25 deg nozzel     $ 499.00

    3.   Harbor Freight:  (Coleman)
                  6.0 Tecumseh, 2200psi 50'hose, Adjustable nozz. $ 599.00

    4.   Sam's:
                  5.5 Honda, 2000psi, ?                           $ 679.00

    5.   Lowe's:  (Generic)
                  6.0 Tecumseh, 2200psi, ? , Adj nozzel           $ 589.00

I am inclined toward the Harbor Freight unit (3) since I don't have to pay
the sales tax (6.0) on it and the freight is free.  

I'm sure there will be opinions.



Jim Ferguson

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