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Re: Steel Buildings for shop

To: Berry Kercheval <>
Subject: Re: Steel Buildings for shop
From: henry rowlison <>
Date: Wed, 10 Apr 1996 12:29:48 -0600 (MDT)
placing rigid foam under the slab will help to insulate the floor, keep 
moisture out, and act to prevent slab movement incase the subgrade begins 
to heave.  The foam will take up some of the movement of the subgrade.  
This is very common in commercial construction.

On Mon, 8 Apr 1996, Berry Kercheval wrote:

> >>> said:
>  > But I have never heard of
>  > putting anything such as the above referenced rigid foam under the 
>  > Wouldn't this affect the integrity of the slab? 
> Not if it's done properly.   I see this kind of thing in homebuilding 
> magazines all the time.
>   --berry
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