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Re: Steel buildings for shop???

Subject: Re: Steel buildings for shop???
Date: Sun, 07 Apr 1996 20:26:42 EDT
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Here in Texas they have a lot of Pole Barns on farms. These are wood
framed with metal skins. Usually they are about 30 to 40 feet deep and
as long as you want.  The front is left open and generally they are
awful looking but very practical  and cheap to build. ( They look like
a very wide tin garage )
A friend bought a farm house which had one of these pole barns in the
back yard, very close to the house. His wife wanted it torn down since
it was so ugly. He wanted to keep it to store his collection of LBCs.
He had a false front built on the barn to make it look like one of
those Kentucky Horse barns, complete with six stall doors.
Until you walked it to a the barn, it looked like a 200,000 dollar
He sectioned off part and insulated it compete with air conditioning . 

Along the same line I met a guy in El Paso who was wealthy and retired.
His love was restoring MGs  and he had 14  of then all restored plus
ten other British  cars. 
Money not being a problem,  he wanted to build a big garage so he could
have all his cars in one location. He bought a  vacant lot a block from
his home and had plans drawn up for his "perfect" garage.  He ran into
a problem when he went to get the building permit. Seems the person
across the street objected to   his garage on the grounds it was a
commercial building. The promise that no business would be conducted in
the building  did not sway the board and his permit was denied .  He
contacted his architect and had him draw up new plans for a six hundred
sq.foot house with a 5000 sq ft "hobby" room !!! 
He rents out the six hundred sq ft to a student. The hobby room is
something to see !!!! It's completely finished like any room of a house
only furnished with 25 LBCs. Oh and behind the "hobby room" is a two
car garage.

Bob Nogueira    
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> Date: Saturday, 06-Apr-96 08:45 AM
> Subject: Re: Steel buildings for shop???
Manufacturers of steel buildings advertise kits that come in under
> >per square foot.  I must say this is interesting as my budget could 
> >build a much bigger shop and have room left over for things I
thought I 
> >would have to wait for...
> seems we are thinking alike - the metal structure might be much
cheaper -
> but the aestetics (sp?) may be less pleasing and in the cold climates
> may be colder - I am just speculating because I have no experience
> this
> Regards!
> Preston 
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