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Re: air ratchets

Subject: Re: air ratchets
Date: Fri, 12 Apr 96 08:28:36 -0600
Item Subject: air ratchets
       An air ratchet is a pretty safe bet with good quality sockets such 
     as Snap-On, Mac, etc.  The torque is comparable to a standard ratchet 
     and the impact load is not extreme.  I have been using a set of 
     Snap-On thin-wall deep-well sockets with mine for over 20 years.  No 
     problems at all.  
       Where you will get into big trouble is using standard sockets on an 
     impact wrench- they can explode!.
                                        Clay Scott

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>Subject: air ratchets
>Author:  Non-HP-shop-talk-request ( at 
>Date:    4/12/96 10:38 AM

>I am considering buying a 1/2" air ratchet and I'm pretty sure 
>which make I'm going to get.  Problem is, you can buy it on its 
>own, or, for about twice the price, as a kit with sockets etc.  My 
>question is, Do I need the sockets (are they impact sockets?) or 
>can I just use ordinary sockets from my hand ratchet set?
>Thanks in advance,

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