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Re: air plumbing

Subject: Re: air plumbing
From: (Dave Williams)
Date: Wed, 10 Apr 1996 14:39:00 +0000
-> The fire department is not as dumb as you all think, not that anybody
-> called them that. If the situation is a garage type fire, they always
-> suspect the worst. Gas in containers, Aerosol sprays and solvents

 It probably varies from town to town, but I went by the main fire
station here and asked if they would mind taking a look at my detached
workshop to see if there were any fire hazards I'd missed.  The city
fire marshal dropped by later the same day and went over all the exposed
wiring (the city electrical inspector had already signed it off, and I
had some sheet rock up), through all the cabinets, etc.  He recommended
that flammable aerosols be stored in some type of enclosed container -
cabinet, box, anything would be okay - and he said it would be a good
idea to chain or otherwise fasten my oxyacetylene rig so it couldn't be
accidentally tipped over.

 Keeping spray cans and such in a cabinet is kind of a pain, but I had a
chance to see John De Armond's shop after his fire a few years ago.
Though practically the whole place was toast, anything that was
protected at all - even by a cheap tin box - was usually okay.

 I keep my used shop rags in a 5 gallon pail of soapy water by the door.
The fire marshal said rag fires were the #1 cause of garage-related
fires.  He liked the bucket, plus the rags get an extended pre-soak.
Since I use them until they're slimy, they need it...

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