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Re: TD Fuel Pump

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Subject: Re: TD Fuel Pump
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Date: Tue, 4 Sep 2007 18:10:02 -0400
Anyone remember this post I made in the begining of the summer? Well, it 
happened again last night... WTF? I removed the disks, freed' them up and 
all was well until I snapped the elbow off tightening everything back up.

So what is going on with the fuel nowadays? My tank isn't sloshed with 
sealer, so it's not being eaten and re-deposited in the check valves... I 
buy Mobil gasoline (not a plug or demerit, there is only one gas station in 

Is anyone else seeing this?


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> Prize goes to Dave! The two check valve disks were stuck. Thanks to 
> everyone for their input.... the suggestions about stabil causing grud are 
> disturbing, considering, the primary use for stabil is for storage of 
> gasoline... now the big question... what do I drive to work tommorow... a 
> MG or the Ducati? :)
> Blair
> '53 TD
> '78 B
> '80 B
> '01 Ducati 748
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>> Blair,
>> I have attached a fuel delivery troubleshooting guide that may help you
>> isolate where the problem is.  If the pump is running and no gas is
>> being pumped, the irst thing to look for is an air leak on the inlet
>> side of the pump.  This would not necessarily result in gas leaking ot
>> if the leak is very close to the pump, as at that point the line is
>> higher than the top of the fuel tank.  I recently had a pump that i had
>> restored  for a client come back to me because it wouldn't pump fuel
>> (although the indications that he had was that the pump wouldn't run at
>> all).  I found that the valve disks were stuck to the valve seats and
>> were corroded.  When I asked the client if he had put anything in the
>> tank, he admitted to having used Stabil in the gas to keep it from going
>> bad over the winter.  when I put a query out on the bulletin board, a
>> number of people said that they have had corrosion problems and valves
>> sticking in the fuel pump after having used Stabil in the  gas.  The
>> other possibility would be an inlet valve stuck open due to some debris
>> being caught in it.
>> Cheers,
>> Dave

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