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Re: T knocking, the saga continues....

Subject: Re: T knocking, the saga continues....
From: Brian Boss <>
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2006 20:43:21 -0800 (PST)
Bob & T-listers:
  I have lurked on this list for years, despite not owning a T series, to learn 
about the cars and because it's good group of folks.
  Your noise sounds like one that is considered normal in Porsche 911's with 
the G50 transaxle (which I drove for 10+ years). It is basically engine 
vibration being amplified by backlash in the clutch and trans.
  Since this is not normal in MG's, I would look at the clutch disc and see if 
the springs (not the pressure plate spring, but the circumferentially mounted 
springs on the disc that provide shock load dampening), or other parts of the 
damping mechanism, are allowing more movement than normal.
  Hope this is of some help - back to lurk mode.
  Brian Boss
  64 MGB
  71 Porsche 914
  72 Porsche 911

Bob Howard <> wrote:
  It was almost a month ago when I wrote about this problem. 
T-list members were generous with suggestions and sympathy. Among the
suggestions were: pilot bushing (we replaced it, firt is good), throwout
bearing (6,000 miles old and inspected again by John Esposito), thrust
wear in engine, worn universals (knocks w/o driveshaft connected), clutch
loose (tight with 31 ft/lbs torque on all capscrews), starter loose &
rattling (it's tight), engine mounts ( all new), loose connection bell
housing to engine ( all holes since helicoiled and all capscrews are
pulled to 31 ft/lbs). Another friend pushed and pulled crankshaft pulley
and pronouced thrust movement OK (6000 miles on engine since a Wanta
rebuild and there was no knocking before this R&R of gearbox). 
We have run the engine with gearbox removed. It's purrs nicely. A
stethescope picks up no knocking in the engine. 
Gearbox turns silently, smoothly, both by hand and at 1000 rpm under
drill power, shifts well.
Clutch pedals have normal but not excessive wear in holes and rest of
linkage is OK. 
Any other ideas ? At this point we are keeping careful watch to see
if it's space aliens tapping on the metal, or some tiny creature trapped
On the bright side---we're getting quite proficient at R&R of the

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