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RE: POR15 engine maroon

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Subject: RE: POR15 engine maroon
From: "Douglas Ormrod" <>
Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2006 08:37:10 +1300
Thanks  to all who  have replied - looks like I have painted it with the
later MGA MGB colour - perhaps it will go like an MGB!


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Subject: POR15 engine maroon

Hi T People

I have painted by TD engine and gearbox by brush with the POR15 "MG
Maroon", and am quite happy with the finish and colour. Some have told
me that this is not the "correct" MG engine colour.

Is there a "correct" red - or did they have different versions of it
during the life of the XPAG engine? Is the "correct" red another MG
myth? Seems strange that POR15 would make and sell something that is

I have had to remove my engine due to a leaking Moss oil seal (more of
that anon) an am considering repainting it - although I am finding it
hard to summon up the enthusiasm! However the good news is that after a
7 year rebuild the car went really well for 1 day!



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