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Re: POR15 engine maroon

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Subject: Re: POR15 engine maroon
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Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2006 21:00:09 -0800
Hi, Douglas,

I'm not familiar with POR15 "MG Maroon" but would hazard a guess it might be 
their version of the color used on MGA and MGB engines. This was definitely 
more maroon than the color originally used on TC/TD/TF engines. The T 
version was a lighter, browner red than the shade used on As and Bs.

British Sportscar Center
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Subject: POR15 engine maroon

> Hi T People
> I have painted by TD engine and gearbox by brush with the POR15 "MG
> Maroon", and am quite happy with the finish and colour. Some have told
> me that this is not the "correct" MG engine colour.
> Is there a "correct" red - or did they have different versions of it
> during the life of the XPAG engine? Is the "correct" red another MG
> myth? Seems strange that POR15 would make and sell something that is
> incorrect.
> I have had to remove my engine due to a leaking Moss oil seal (more of
> that anon) an am considering repainting it - although I am finding it
> hard to summon up the enthusiasm! However the good news is that after a
> 7 year rebuild the car went really well for 1 day!
> Cheers
> Douglas

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