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Subject: Re: [Bricklin] AMC gas tank
From: Mike Walsh <>
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 2008 22:16:55 -0500
I did a fair amount of research first and POR did not appear to be 
sufficiently resistant to alcohol (which is what ethanol is). The stuff 
Bill Hirsch sells appears to be the so called "sloshing sealer" that is 
commonly used on airplane fuel tanks and is rated for use with alcohol.

There were also several anecdotal stories of folks having issues with 
POR flaking off tanks when used with ethanol so I decided to go with the 
product Bill Hirsch sells. The Hirsch product coats the tank with a 
coating that looks a lot like a fiberglass resin or gel coat.

By the way... I was quite surprised to find that the product Hirsch is 
based on MEK (Methyl Ethyl Ketone) and you have to take precautions to 
use it only in a well ventilated area. POR appears to not have the same 
safety concerns.


George wrote:
> What does Ethanol have to do with POR? I did ask them about the 
> Ethanol thing and they said it was compatable. POR does make ther 
> stuff were Hirsch is only selling somthing somone else makes , maybe 
> even POR. so I would have more faith in a manifacture of chemicles 
> than a guy who sells more lether than gas tank sealer. POR has a whole 
> line of coatings amd most of there buisness is industral in 5 gal - 
> 55gal.
> 127GEORGE!!
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