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Re: Under car Heat shield

Subject: Re: Under car Heat shield
From: "John T. Blair" <>
Date: Sun, 02 Nov 2008 07:38:21 -0500
At 04:47 AM 11/2/2008, Sven Koch wrote:

 >Would  be great if you are able to make some pictures how and where you
 >install these shield.
 >John would say: "Please, write an article!" ;-)
 >Would be great to see, how you have shielded the floor against heat.


There was an article, but probably pre-dates your joining the club:

Smoky Panepinto did an article for the magazine (with input from me, 
The Bricklin Boyz, and Kevin Hand),  "Problems? No Problem - Too Much Heat?" a
few years ago about this problem.   (I think it was the July 2004 
issue.) Kevin Hand used some heat shields and had pictures of 
them.  Kevin and Jim Kelliher also put some special insulation on the 
bottom of the floor pan, under
the car. This deflects the heat before it starts to cook the 
fiberglass.  There are
both good options.

Now, I wouldn't mind if Kevin did an article about it.  And to anyone 
else reading
this.  I don't mind publishing more than one article on a subject.  I 
just don't
want to do it in back to back issues (ie. Jan and April).  But 
getting articles on
the same subject from more than 1 person, is great.  It gives us 
different views,
and ideas.  What one article leaves out, the other can fill in.  So 
just because
you read my article about pulling the dash, if you used it to help 
you pull yours,
but found I left stuff out, or found a better order, or way to do it, 
feel free to
write it up!

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