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Re: New Bricklin Subscriber

Subject: Re: New Bricklin Subscriber
Date: Sun, 10 Oct 1999 01:27:38 EDT
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<< I'd greatly appreciate any and all info available on the Bricklin tips, collecting how to's....available parts and vehicles for
 sale, web sites, etc., >>

The Bricklin web site is WWW.Bricklin.ORG,the number one thing to watch out 
for is FRAME RUST,and I can't stress that enough,because the factory never 
drilled holes in the frame,if water gets in the frame it will rust it's way 
out the frame,stress cracks on the acrylic panels,if it has major cracks on 
the body panels,you are in for a lot of work to repair/replace the body 
panels,the drivetrain is pretty reliable so don't worry about that,just do 
the regular things like any other car to check out the drivetrain,make sure 
the door/hatch seals are waterproof,buy squirting water from a garden hose on 
the car to see if they leak,check both windows to see if they are coming 
unglued,from the track,and if they go up and down ok,check door 
alignment,make sure the headlights go up and down,and you don't go the 
Bricklin wink,also see if if the car has air doors(desired)or hydroelectric 
doors,you will know the difference one goes up with a whish(fast)the out 
moans and groans and takes about 20 seconds to go fully up. Also 1974 
Bricklins had AMC motors and tranny and 1975 Bricklins had a Ford 
Drivetrain.And if you want a 4 speed you have to buy a 1974 Bricklin that was 
the only year 4 speeds were available (about 75 cars were made with 4 
speeds.Hope this info helps.

vin#1024 /1136 

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