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Re: [Shop-talk] Is this thing still on? <Thanksgiving and Leaf Blowers>

To: Jim Franklin <>
Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] Is this thing still on? <Thanksgiving and Leaf Blowers>
From: Bob Spidell via Shop-talk <>
Date: Mon, 2 Dec 2019 07:38:48 -0800
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Lowe's bought OSH--presumably, for pennies on the dollar--then promptly 
shut it down.  Lowe's now carries Craftsman tools; I have no idea what 
the quality or warranty are these days.

Eddie Lampert is a piece of work, for sure.

On 12/2/2019 7:30 AM, Jim Franklin wrote:
> Drifiting a bit off topic but it should be noted that Sears closed because of 
> greed-based mismanagement and nothing else. OSH was owned by Sears and died 
> by their sword. OSH was my mecca and it was like watching a neighborhood of 
> longstanding, beautiful, diverse, hand built homes being razed and replaced 
> by a Soviet-era apartment block.
> Ace in my hood is just ok, way fewer fasteners and always out of most of the 
> things I want. An employee told me that's becasuse the district managers get 
> bonuses based on how low they can keep inventory. No idea if that's true.
> They also have an attack parrot who will nip you if you get too close, like, 
> say, when walking around the store not expecting to violate a parrot's 
> territory. Both the store manager, and the local neighbors, crucified me when 
> I brought this up as a problem, especially for small kids, so I crawled back 
> under my curmudgeopn rock when I await rescue from my people.
> Amazon has been great for reviews and for weird stuff, so I'm torn between 
> how I feel.
> jim
>> On Dec 2, 2019, at 9:53 AM, Bob Spidell via Shop-talk 
>> <> wrote:
>> When I finally moved close to an Orchard Hardware I was delighted.  Then, 
>> the Orchard closed down, but was replaced by an Ace Hardware which seems 
>> better all around than the OSH (more fasteners!).  There appears to be a few 
>> Aces in this region that are owned by the same guy.
>> Bob
>> On 12/2/2019 5:53 AM, Tim . via Shop-talk wrote:
>>> My contribution is that I use the detachable unit from my Husky shop vac. 
>>> It is fine for what I need it for but does require an extension cord which 
>>> is not a big deal for my half acre or so lot.
>>> My gripe is that amazon is bad bad bad. Support brick and mortar shops 
>>> because if we don't they will one day all be gone. Remember Sears? I 
>>> remember having a hardware store in the small town we live it. That's gone. 
>>> I can go on and on.
>>> tim
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