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Re: [Shop-talk] Question to ponder- When someone brings their vehicle to

Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] Question to ponder- When someone brings their vehicle to your garage, do you do the work or do you let them do it?
From: Paul Parkanzky <>
Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2018 11:22:55 -0400
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It's your garage, so it's your rules. But make the expectations clear
from the start.

If you expect them to bring the car and you're going to do all of the
work yourself with your tools then tell them that before they come. If
you want them to do the work with their own tools tell them that too.
If you're going to work together using your tools and you want to take
the lead then make that clear. If you'd like them to order you guys a
pizza for while you wrench then ask.

And if you don't want to run them to the store when the inevitable
happens, then say something about Uber/Lyft before you get to that

People should be grateful for your generosity no matter the
parameters. But they'll have an easier time conforming to your
expectations if they're clear up-front.


On Thu, Sep 20, 2018 at 11:15 AM <> wrote:
> I just wanted to start a little conversation about a question that bothers me 
> (albeit very little.)
> When someone brings their vehicle to your garage, do you do the work or do 
> you let them do it?
> Here is the context, due to my garage, everyone I offer to help brings their 
> vehicles to me to fix.  Once there, I do the work for the most part.  I enjoy 
> doing it, so it's no big deal.
> But a few people commented that they expected to do most if not all the work 
> once there.
> I understand that they may enjoy working on the cars as well, but here is my 
> thought about it...
> One, since it's my garage, I know where every tools, part, etc is located.  I 
> know what I have and don't have.  When doing the work, I know what equipment 
> I have will work the best for the situation.
> Also, I also know where to put everything back when I'm done.
> This is the fastest and most effective way to do the work in my opinion.
> I realize that this takes away their ability to learn through first hand 
> experience, but I do include them in the work when possible.
> So, what is the proper way to handle this?  Is it a "home rule" thing, or a 
> should I step aside and let them do all the work?
> One more thing, if they are doing the work and break something on their car 
> that requires a trip to the auto parts store, I now have to drive them there 
> (this I don't like.)  At least if I break it, I don't mind the trip as much.
> What's your take?
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