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Re: [Shop-talk] 4-post lift thoughts

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Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] 4-post lift thoughts
From: Brad Kahler <>
Date: Wed, 14 Jan 2015 14:15:25 -0500
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Ok, next issue with the 4-post lift.  The in-feed ramps on my lift were
fixed ramps (welded to the platforms) and were only about 16" long.  That
made for a pretty steep angle.  Matter of fact the Spitfire race car
couldn't get started up the ramps because of the slick shop floor, the
tires just spun on the concrete.

I've already cut those ramps off and am trying to figure out what would
work the best as a replacement.  Right now I'm leaning towards fabricating
ramps that are significantly longer but are not fixed to the platforms.  My
thought is to possibly have them attach with a pin of some sort which would
allow me to remove them so they can be moved out of the way once the lift
is up in the air.
I don't think I would like having them pivot down as they would just be in
the way and I had previously hit my head on the original ramps enough times
to know I don't like them sticking out!


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