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[Shop-talk] Computer sound problem

Subject: [Shop-talk] Computer sound problem
From: Dave Cavanaugh <>
Date: Sat, 07 Jun 2014 14:30:53 -0700
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> Last year I assembled a budget tower system from Newegg to replace an 
> aging HP system with a bad HDD.  I would provide a link to the 
> motherboard but for some reason Newegg won't let me see my 2013 order 
> history.  It will show 2012 and 14 just fine but not 2013...
> Anyway, the sound quit.  The little speaker icon in the lower right 
> hand corner of the screen (Win 7) has a red and white x on it and when 
> you put the mouse pointer it says the headphones or speakers are not 
> plugged in, which they are.  I have tried two different sets of 
> speakers through both the front and rear jacks. I even bought a little 
> USB dongle with speaker and mic jacks on the front, but that doesn't 
> work, either.  Should I get a cheap sound card and try that?  Any 
> other suggestions?  This is an inexpensive motherboard with all the 
> sound, video, etc, all on the main board.  This is the first time I 
> have messed around with computer guts since the old XT/AT days when 
> you got add-on cards for just about everything.
> Another feature is an annoying scan line that goes up across the 
> display about every two seconds or so.  It's not real obvious, but 
> annoying.
> And no, I can't find the documentation from the computer stuff. Only 
> that it was some kind of AMD quad core processor.  I can find ALL of 
> the documentation for the Seequa Chameleon I bought in 1982, but not 
> for the computer I bought last year...
> Thanks
> Dave

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