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Re: [Shop-talk] Electric fireplace / TV Stand

Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] Electric fireplace / TV Stand
From: "John P. New" <>
Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2012 14:56:56 -0500
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I bought one similar to this for my mother a couple of years ago. It's 
functional (her TV sits on top of it) and, depending on what you enjoy, the 
flame effect can add a bit of "emotional warmth" to a room (I prefer wood 
fireplaces, so it doesn't do much for me, but my mother seems to enjoy it).

My mother's has a built-in fan and it does put out a lot of heat, but of 
course this varies by model/manufacturer and the room in which the unit sits 
is fairly small. Hers is 110V.

The only thing I can say is that the controls are less than desirable: the 
remote control is annoying because it only turns the heating and light 
elements on or off; the fan speed and heat intensity controls are on the unit 
itself behind a front panel next to the floor, which is very inconvenient for 
anyone except children. It's like having a TV remote that changes channels but 
not volume.

Like any heating appliance, it can be dangerous for small children to be too 
close, but since mine are older, I can't recall if my mother's unit is 
particularly hazardous or not.

John New

On December 12, 2012 01:55:18 PM wrote:
> I was thinking about getting one of these...
> Does anyone have any experaince with these Electric Infrared Quartz
> Fireplace Heater Media Entertainment TV Stands?
> I would love feedback.  Mostly, how much heat do you really feel?

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